Top 10 Car Insurance Companies in India 2024

In India, having car insurance is important to safeguard your vehicle from unexpected events. We’ve identified the Top 10 Car Insurance Companies in India 2024, considering things like cost, customer happiness, and how well they handle claims.

Top 10 Car Insurance Companies in India 2024

List Of  Top 10 Car Insurance Companies in India 2024 according to CSR

Car Insurance CompaniesClaim Settlement Ratio
Acko General Insurance Company95.64%
Digit Insurance Company92.05%
ICICI Lombard Insurance Company92.50%
HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company90.77%
Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company91.07%
IFFCO-TOKIO General Insurance Company90.14%
Universal SOMPO General Insurance Company88.52%
Reliance General Insurance Company85.97%
SBI General Insurance Company86.53%
Magma HDI General Insurance Company84.72%

1. Acko General Insurance Company

Acko, an Indian car insurance company, is famous for its easy online process. They provide cheap insurance plans that make it easy to get coverage and settle claims. With perks like 0% depreciation and roadside help, Acko car insurance keeps you safe from damage, theft, and third-party issues.


  • 93% of people save at least ?1,200 on car insurance
  • Get your plan delivered in 3 days, or it can be picked up within 1 hour
  • Emergency coverage for outstation trips
  • Plans start at a minimum of Rs. 2,094


  • Not as many garages where you can get cashless services
  • No coverage for tire depreciation

2. Digit Insurance Company

Digit Insurance Company, also known as Go Digit, offers various car insurance options to make customers happy. They make it easy to handle claims and complaints about car damage with their pick-up-repair-drop service and user-friendly claim feature.


  • Coverage for damages from burglary
  • Protection for engine and gear-box issues
  • Repairs can be done anywhere
  • Plans start at a minimum of Rs. 1,994


  • Third-party plans come with fewer extra features

3. ICICI Lombard Insurance Company

ICICI Lombard is a well-known insurance company that has become popular for its online car insurance services and budget-friendly choices. Thanks to its partnership with ICICI Bank Limited and Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd., ICICI Lombard has gained recognition and brand value, making it a favored option for those looking for affordable car insurance.


  • Coverage for accidents involving co-passengers
  • No Claim Bonus (NCB) benefit
  • Doorstep inspection service
  • iAAA Rating by ICRA


  • Relatively fewer garages available for services

4. HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company

HDFC ERGO Comprehensive Car Insurance is known as one of the most reliable car insurance options in India. They provide 12 additional covers for customers to choose from, including personal accident coverage of up to Rs. 15 lakh. The policy offers a 50% reduction in renewal premiums through the NCB scheme and includes zero depreciation coverage. The claim process is simple, requiring only minimal documentation.


  • Over 6,800 garages available
  • Paperless insurance process
  • Down-time rider add-on
  • Renew the policy without inspection


  • Doesn’t cover damages due to car depreciation.

5. Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company

Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company provides adaptable and customized insurance options that meet the specific needs of customers. This makes it a deserving choice among the best car insurance providers in India. They offer coverage for various issues, such as windshield damage and lost luggage.


  • Coverage during transit
  • Protection against theft
  • Coverage for vehicle replacement value
  • Optional premium deductible


  • Doesn’t cover damage caused by breakdowns.

6. IFFCO-TOKIO General Insurance Company

IFFCO-TOKIO is a well-known name in the Indian insurance industry, praised for its impressive 95% claim settlement ratio. Their insurance policy allows customers to pick from eight customizable add-ons, providing coverage for damages, personal accidents, and third-party insurance. The policy also gives full coverage to metal parts and fiber, along with zero depreciation for these components.


  • Coverage for zero depreciation
  • Protection for electrical and non-electrical damages
  • 24×7 roadside assistance
  • Coverage for CNG/LPG fuel kit


  • Lower Google rating

7. Universal SOMPO General Insurance Company

Ranked among the top car insurance companies in India, it is a collaboration between Indian Overseas Bank, Karnataka Bank, Indian Bank, Dabur Investment Corporation, and Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc. Offering over 3500 garages and exclusive benefits like engine protection coverage and “hospital daily cash,” this insurance company stands out as one of the best in the industry.


  • Daily cash allowance benefit
  • Coverage for waiving depreciation
  • Accident-related hospital expenses and loss of personal belongings covered
  • Plans starting at a minimum of Rs.1,994


  • Requires a compulsory deductible amount

8. Reliance General Insurance Company

Reliance General Insurance Company stands out as a top choice for car insurance, offering additional covers and long-term savings options. With a reputation for valuable add-ons and beneficiary offers, it remains a trusted source in the car insurance market.


  • No Claim Bonus (NCB) retention cover
  • Daily allowance benefit
  • AAI (Accidental and Hospitalization) benefit
  • Plans starting at a minimum of Rs.2,094


  • Does not cover damages incurred due to mechanical and electrical issues.

9. SBI General Insurance Company

SBI General Insurance Company is a leading choice for car insurance policies in India. They provide online car insurance with a no-claim bonus, which lowers the rate for each year without a claim.


  • Personal Accident Cover up to Rs. 15 lakh
  • Invoice cover
  • Coverage of Rs. 2 lakh for a hired rider and co-passengers in case of an accident
  • iAAA Rating by ICRA


  • Fewer garages available in comparison.

10. Magma HDI General Insurance Company

Magma HDI Insurance Company has earned a top-notch CRISIL A1+ rating for its outstanding performance. The company offers various insurance options, including private car insurance, comprehensive commercial insurance, motor act-only policies, and rider choices. Positioned as a budget-friendly car insurance provider, Magma HDI also offers a Voluntary Excess plan for customers to enjoy extra discounts.


  • Coverage for LPG/CNG
  • Protection for irreparable tyre damage
  • Personal accident cover
  • Over 4,000 garages available


  • Claim settlement ratio (CSR) is relatively lower.

How to Pick the Best Car Insurance Company in India?

Choosing the right car insurance company in India is crucial for getting the best coverage and value. Here’s a simple guide:

Research and Compare: Look into different car insurance companies. Check their reputation, customer reviews, and ratings online.
Financial Stability: Ensure the insurance company is financially stable. Check their claim settlement ratio to see how many claims they settle.
Coverage Types: Understand the types of coverage offered by each company. Choose based on your needs.
Garage Network: Check the company’s network of garages. Ensure they have authorized garages in your area for easy cashless claims.
Premiums and Deductibles: Compare premiums and deductibles. While a lower premium might be tempting, also consider the deductible and its impact on your claims.
Claim Settlement Process: Understand the claim settlement process. Opt for a company with a quick and hassle-free process.


Selecting one of the Top 10 Car Insurance Companies in India 2024 is vital for the best coverage and service. To get the best car insurance policy, you will need to compare its advantages and disadvantages then you will able to decide which car insurance is best for you.


Q1. Which are the biggest car insurance companies in India?
The largest car insurance companies in India include LIC, HDFC ERGO General Insurance, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, ICICI Lombard General Insurance, and Future Generali India Insurance Company Ltd.

Q2. How to switch from one car insurance company to another?
To switch insurers, compare quotes, choose a new policy, inform your current provider, and follow their cancellation process for a smooth transition.

Q3. How do insurance companies estimate car damage?
Insurers assess car damage using expert evaluations, repair estimates, and industry standards, considering factors like repair costs, parts, and labor.

Q4. Will insurance companies pay for all the damage from an accident?
Insurance coverage varies. While full coverage might cover all accident-related damage, policies differ. Review your terms, deductibles, and limits to understand what expenses your insurer will pay.

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